The Bunker is the first defense building that you will be able to build together with the Rocket Luncher. Their attack speed is the fastest of all defense buildings. They target only Ground Units. Upgrading your Headquarters unlocks the higher level upgrades and allows you building more Bunker.


  • Bunkers and Rocket Lunchers are your first defense buildings making their maximum amount equal. That is why should place them near each other.
  • Bunkers have a lower attack range than Rocket Lunchers and therefore should be placed in the outer defense with the Rocket Lunchers right behind them.
  • Bunkers can only target ground units! Therefor you should place them near defenses that can attack air units. e.g: Rocket Launcher


  • Attack Range 90
  • Single target damage
  • Ground units only
Level HP DPS Upgrade Cost Upgrade Duration HQ Level Requirement
1 710 16 1
2 15 min
3 45 min 2
4 960 34 2 h 3
5 1045 44 4
8 1,368 96 8
9 1,439 110 5,000,000 3 days 8

(still under construction by Rumeseri)


(added the photo of lvl 8 stats, the table must be updated because dont match with the actual stats)